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AGES 3-6

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The Dance Studio Director’s
life-changing secret strategy
to MAX OUT REGISTRATION in their pre-ballet classes!


The answer when your teacher asks….

”So what do you want me to do at these pre-ballet classes anyway?”

Around the World Fairytale Princess™ Ballet System
Ages 3-6

Princess Binder Mockup.png

I'm ready to grow my preschool ballet enrollment and make more money by using a ready-made attractive system guaranteeing happy students, parents who pay and stay, and happy teachers!

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Maximize your enrollment with our exclusive

“done-for-you” system.

$149 monthly includes all system lesson plan materials and exclusive studio membership license.


Easy to introduce this program in your studio at ANY TIME OF YEAR.

(no need to wait for the start of your school year – see Stystem Page)


  • Easy step-by-step launch guide

  • 10-month pre-ballet system

  • Minute by minute detailed weekly lesson plans

  • Weekly go-home coloring pages

  • Games and helpful class suggestions

  • Exclusive teaching radius for your area

  • Companion storybook and coloring book

  • Members only website

  • Marketing permissions with graphics package and more!

  • Teacher Training Videos for system and games

    • BONUS 4-week recital story lesson plans

    • BONUS complete script for recital QUEENS ROYAL BALL

If you already know you want to get this, then CLICK HERE and jump right in.


Around the World Fairytale Princess™
Multi-Cultural Princess Ballet System

$149 monthly includes all system lesson plan materials
and exclusive studio membership license.


Maximize your enrollment with our exclusive

“done-for-you” system.


Easy to create interest and fill classes with our marketing package with pictures, logos, press release, and more. PLUS Teacher training videos, a full year of lesson plans with princess stories, ballet dancing activities, easy-to-follow lesson plans, music selection recommendations, and go-home coloring pages. ALL INCLUDED!


  • Themed classes attract families who STAY!

  • High retention – dancers come back each week asking “what will happen next” in the story and stay for the entire year.

  • Marketing Package with logos, pictures, press release, and more.

  • A multi-cultural approach that families appreciate

  • Charming end-of-year Queens Royal Ball Recital is DONE!

  • No costume issues (we recommend dancers rent ball gowns from the studio)

  • No parent complaints about having a sub (sub can magically turn the page and proceed with class, zero complaints)

  • Families who join now will LOVE your studio and tend to stay for years!

  • A great feeder program leads to higher registrations for your next-step classes

  • Saves the DIRECTOR time to focus on other classes and teams


Around the World Fairytale Princess™
Multi-Cultural Princess Ballet System
$149 monthly includes all system lesson plan materials
and exclusive studio membership license.


Young dancers and parents LOVE this program! Keep your high teaching standards blended with princess stories and engaging folk tales from around the world.

1. This system answers your teacher's question…

”So what do you want me to do at these pre-ballet classes anyway?”
2. Minute-by-minute details of weekly class activities

3. 44-week system

4. Teacher knows exactly how to use class time,

with more than enough activities for a 45-55 minute weekly class

5. Each lesson includes SEVEN teaching activities.

    For system details, click here.

  • Royal Entrance (Welcome)

  • Quick Princess Story Time

  • Center Barre

  • Traveling/Free Dance/Story Dance

  • Center Allegro

  • Games

  • Reverance/Dismissal


6. Easy no-sweat plan for your substitute teacher

7. Teachers “WANT” to teach your beginners, never stress about what to do in class!

8. Teacher training videos for system, games, and recital

9. Keep teaching standards high with traditional ballet French terminology and teaching techniques

10. HAPPY students and happy teachers!


Around the World Fairytale Princess™
Multi-Cultural Princess Ballet System
$149 monthly includes all system lesson plan materials
and exclusive studio membership license.

CELEBRATE your diverse community of dancers! This is the inspiration for our traditional Princess Fairytale stories found in his collection.

  • 10 Folktales from around the world

  • Celebrating traditions and customs from each land

  • REAL folktale stories have been adapted to be Princess-Friendly
    for our 3-6-year-olds

  • Cultural music selection recommendations match each story


TEN Countries and regions from around the world are represented.
Each month a new four-chapter story is introduced featuring our main character – a Princess from a different land – with a positive ending
message about sharing and kindness.



The Princess, The Frog and The King

Ancient India

Sneha and the Magic Myna Bird

Native American

Algon and the Sky Princess


The Snow Princess


The Twelve Dancing Princesses


Princess Camille and the Talking Cat


The Captive Prince

South Pacific Islands

Curious Misna


Keisha the Modern-Day Princess

South America

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies: A Tale of the Amazonian Rain Forest

BONUS - The Royal Princess Ball The Recital (Story to prepare for end of year show)

Plus, When You Enroll Now,
You Get
FREE Bonuses!


Bonus #1:  A 4-week ballet recital lesson plan to use when leading up to the end-of-the-year recital. Keep students excited and learning about what will happen at the show and how to walk up on stage, keep smiling, how to bow and more…

Bonus #2: Ballet Recital Script “The Legend of the Queen’s Missing Silver Medallion”. This is an easy way to delight the dancers and families by bringing together a series of recital dances with a story that keeps the program moving and gives purpose to celebrating the multi-cultural component of this syste


Bonus #3: Royal Ball Ballet Recital Video. See for yourself how to put together the end-of-year show. Getting your teachers on board with this is so easy, once they see the video show example and can all be on the same page for the recital. Music selection recommendations included.

Not Sure Yet?... Here's PROOF!
Hear what teachers are saying!

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Ms. Anna

Dance Teacher, Allen, Texas


I appreciate the way that this system is laid out. It's very detailed, and there are music resources. Every single step of the lesson is laid out. So it's very, very easy for a more experienced or a beginner teacher to see how things are going to go, see how things are going to flow, and flow in a very logical way. But I can also add things in or take things out depending on the level of the class and how things are going, how our time is, and then keep students more interested.

Ms. Kayla

Dance Teacher, Lewisville, Texas


I am so blessed to have the Fairytale Princess Ballet system to make my classes go so much more smoothly. My dancers stay energized throughout the entire class! And one particular dancer in the class was very shy when she started, and now has really opened up. I love working for this academy.

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Teacher 3 BW.jpg
Ms. Malia

Dance Teacher, Mckinney, Texas


After being a teacher for five years, this is truly one of the most unique system I've come across for young dancers and students. I think the opportunity to get to learn about all these different cultures and princesses and incorporate it into dancing is going to be so rewarding for these girls, and I think that they're going to have a lot of fun.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Cancel at Any Time!  No long-term commitments!

After purchasing and reviewing the materials, if for any reason this system is not for you,  just return everything, and we will cancel your monthly exclusive membership auto-pay at the next billing cycle

(30-day notice and discontinued class content and marketing required). 

Not Sure Yet?... Here's PROOF!
Hear what parents are saying!

I like this story idea. The concept is not just ballet dance, you're actually learning something, reading all of those things combined.

             – Studio Parent

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We like the idea that they would show different stories from different countries, kind of exposing her to different cultures and whatnot. Seemed interesting for her in education. Something different than the normal ballet class.

             – Studio Parent

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It kept her attention that they got to do different things. And I mean doing ballet dance the whole entire time probably wouldn't keep her attention.

So the fact they got to do fun things also, it's really fun for them.

             – Studio Parent

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What Our
Teachers Say

“I really appreciate the way this system is laid out; it is very detailed and very very easy for a beginning or more experienced teacher. I can add things in or take things out as needed.”

Ms. Anna, Dance Teacher

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How I came to write this book.

At our dance studio, we found that our very young beginning ballet dancers were fascinated with the magical world of princesses.

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