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Our Story

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How I came to write this book. 

At our dance studio, we found that our very young beginning ballet dancers were fascinated with the magical world of princesses. 


And I will bet that this is true
at your studio as well, right?

Every young dancer wants to be a princess each and every day, especially on ballet day! They love to imagine they are a real princess, hear about princess stories and princess everything!

Families in our community are from all over the world, and their cultures are the inspiration for the princess fairytales, folk tales, and traditional stories found in this collection. So, the idea for AROUND THE WORLD…FAIRYTALE PRINCESS BALLET CLASS was a natural next step.

Each month, a new four-chapter story is introduced featuring our main character – a princess from a different land – with a positive ending message about sharing and kindness and, well…you get the idea. We include a mild cliffhanger at the end of each weekly chapter to keep our dancers wondering, “What will happen next?” 

Also included are suggested cultural music examples that match each story for our class learning activities, story dances, and sequenced story dances suitable for the Royal Princess Ball (recital).

Along with learning the traditional step-by-step basics of pre-ballet and movement, we hope your young princesses will be inspired to continue dancing for a lifetime!

Thank you for joining us.

Chris Duncan

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